What are your minimums?

Our minimum run size is 10,000 units of the same formula. Volume breaks are available for larger run sizes. If a smaller minimum is needed for market testing or limited release products, please feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs with us.

What are your lead times?

Once your product and components have successfully completed all required testing, a purchase order can be accepted. The production process is typically 3 weeks beyond receipt of the last raw material or component.

What are your prices?

Product prices are based on the complexity of the formula, regulatory requirements and quantity ordered. It is best to give us the price expectations that you would like to achieve before the product request goes to R&D so that we can evaluate your project viability.

Do you have standard private label formulas I can purchase?

We do not offer private label stock formulas; however, Lifetech Resources has a number of library bases that can be customized to fit your product development needs.

Do you have packaging available?

Although we do not stock packaging at our facility, we can offer a turnkey operation for select customers depending on purchase order quantities, lead-times and component MOQ’s.

Do you carry the most up-to-date ingredients?

Yes. Our purchasing and development teams research, test and formulate with the newest ingredients available on the market today. In addition, we are constantly working on our own ingredient development to help our clients gain competitive advantage and brand identity in their marketing channels. We also specialize in targeted and encapsulated delivery systems.

Do you formulate organic/green products?

Yes. We can formulate with natural, earth-harvested ingredients and pure standardized botanicals, including, but not limited to: extracts, essential oils, purees, etc. We also offer natural preservative and fragrance free alternatives.

Can you help me export my formulas to other countries?

Lifetech Resources can recommend a Regulatory Agency who can help you work through the myriad of international document and testing requirements. Fees vary per country.

I have a product made from another lab. Can you fill it there?

Each product is reviewed on an individual basis to see if it is a good fit for our business model, production equipment and business licensing. Please contact our office for additional information. 805-944-1199 or by clicking here.